Feel that A/C units give that cooler and cleaner breeze after sanitizing and coating with SIMIX while reducing your energy bill by up to 30%!
SIMIX has a ceramic coating specifically designed for air conditioners. It’s a non-film forming, super hard liquid glass that will never crack, chip, peel, break, or yellow.
SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating is NOT an insulator like other coating products. COAT EVERYTHING including cabinet interior and exterior, fan blades, condensing, evaporator, and heat exchange coils!

SIMIX Benefits:

  • More savings as it lowers energy bill
  • Extend the life of the unit
  • Significantly improves air flow
  • Coating conducts energy and transfer heat
  • Stops cabinet paint fading and dog urine damage
  • Prevents airborne salt corrosion
  • Water-based | Zero VOC | Zero odor
  • Coating the evaporator creates a permanent, safe, high pH environment that is hostile to disease-causing agents

Why SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating?

A/C units starts losing efficiency the moment you turn it on.
Continuous expansion and contraction of the tubes and pins create tiny gaps. These microscopic gaps attract airborne corrosive particles and salt ions making your A/C unit less efficient.

SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating’s nanotechnology fills in these microscopic gaps leaving behind a smoother surface.

SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating Plus conducts heat away from the coils.

SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating allows the fan to pull more air through the coils and condenser, cleaning the air with a high pH coating.