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Live in a cleaner and healthier environment.
According to the United Nations, 9 out of 10 people in the world are breathing unclean air. And
about 7 million people die due to airborne diseases and infections cause by air pollution. Let’s
us make the world breath clean air.
SIMIX takes pride in revolutionizing surface solutions technology. We aim to make every
individual happier and healthier while taking care of the environment.


We got you covered!
SIMIX works in nearly all surfaces. It breaks down organic buildups, acid rain stains,
watermarks among others, while exterminating dangerous disease-causing agents.


Grease-free and non-slippery kitchens by SIMIX!
Smelly? Greasy? Slippery?

SIMIX products can solve all of that. All you need is to clean using Simix cleaner and then coat kitchen floors and tops after.



Keep it cooler and cleaner!
Experience energy savings of up to 35% when you use SIMIX to clean and coat your A/C unit.
Feel that clean, fresh air once again with our high pH coating.


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